A real Aussie now?


Here in Australia there is something called Vegemite. I’s a dark brown food paste made from leftover brewers yeast extract, it’s basically concentrated yeast extract (that’s what it says on the jar anyways). It’s a very Aussie thing and tastes like salty and bitter paste-thingy. You are supposed to have it on toast with butter.

In 2011 Vegemite got banned and removed from shelves in Denmark but the people got so angry they started to set up several Facebook groups to stop it from happening. In response, Denmark’s Ministry of Food, Agriculture said that they wont banned Vegemite but the companies that want to market it in Denmark had to apply for a license. The reason is that Vegemite contains a vitamin that is dangerous for our health (not sure how accurate this is…).

I must say that I haven’t made up my mind about my feelings towards Vegemite. I do eat it sometimes and the salty part of the paste is actually really good but then it gets bitter. It has a really interesting taste, it’s really hard to describe.  The Aussies that I’ve met say you either hate it or love it… I just don’t know yet…