Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

Alice's adventures in wonderland - Lewis CarrollOriginal book title: Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Gildan Media Corp
Year of publication: 2010
Format: Audiobook
Duration: 2 h 53 min
Language: English

This book is part of my 2016 reading challenge!

The first time I came in contact with Alice’s adventure in wonderland was through the Disney film and I remember thinking it was weird and incoherent. Reading the book, now almost 20 years later I still feel that it’s weird and incoherent.

I kind of liked the characters though; they were full of surprises and weirdness in a charming way. However, Alice was annoying! She really irritated me with her thoughts and conclusions.

I feel like I’m missing something because this is such a classic and “everybody” seems to love this story. But to me this book is a big pile of nonsense, I’m sorry but that’s how I feel.
Maybe I would like it a bit more if I read the book instead of listening to the audiobook. Maybe the pictures and the feeling of holding the book would make me understand it better? I really don’t know because the audiobook was rather good, with the narrator doing different voices and even sang. I really don’t know, I just didn’t understand this story. Again.. I’m sorry!