What doesn’t kill you…

Here in Australia live some of the most dangerous animals in the world. Basically every living thing here can kill you, from the small animals to the really big ones. This country has more deadly snakes than any other country in the world but apparently the bees here pose more of a threat! Yeah, you’re not safe anywhere.

When you are in the water you have to watch out for the southern blue-lined octopus that apparently has the most toxic venoms on the planet. The box jellyfish is another thing in the water that can kill you. Their tentacles can reach up to three metres in length. The three most dangerous sharks in the world are the bull shark, tiger shark and the great white and of course you can find all three of them here in Australia.

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My obsessions

There are always some things in other countries that your home country doesn’t have. It can be a special sort of food or a unique brand. You get a bit obsessed and wish that your country would import this thing. Obviously Australia has some things that Sweden doesn’t and vice versa. When I’m in a new country I like to try some local things, here is a list of things that I’m a little obsessed about and will probably miss when I get back home.

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Christmas Down Under


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It’s already December and this year is almost coming to an end but before that we have to celebrate that Jesus was born. This isn’t my first Christmas here but it still feels weird without the snow and the cold. I have to admit that a Christmas without the snow doesn’t feel like a “real” Christmas and to make up for the snow people here put on some extra Christmas light and decorations. Continue reading

Australia through my phone

Job hunting time!

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I need a job. Not just for the moneys sake but also for my own wellbeing, I need to have something to do during the weekdays. I’m not used to sitting at home and doing “nothing”, so it’s time to take this job-hunting thing seriously! Apart from all the jobs that I’ve applied for on the Internet (without any luck), I decided to go to the shops/stores I liked and give them my résumé. I figured I don’t have anything to lose. The goal is of course to get a job within my field (journalism), but to be honest I really do feel like doing something completely different. It’s time to think outside the box and honestly…I liked the outside. A whole new world opened up and a lot of new exciting doors waiting for me to open them. It was a nice feeling to be the one to choose what I liked to do. Continue reading

Visiting the floating forest

20131107_192022 Outside Sydney’s coast at Homebush bay you can find a well-preserved piece of history, they call it The Floating Forest. It’s a ship, the SS Aryfield to be more specific, that was used in WWII and was abandoned. After so many years in the bay the ship is now home to mangrove trees, hence the name “floating forest”.

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