G’day mate

Every country and every area in that country has their own slang and Sydney is no exception. After being here for four month now I think I’ve started to get some of the slang.

Wog – A person of Mediterranean origin (blatte in Swedish), kind of an insult.

Maccas – Mcdonald’s

Mate – Friend

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On Fiji time

Fiji 2

To be honest with you the only reason why I went to Fiji was because of the shark diving. They guarantee up to five different shark species in one dive and for a shark-lover like me that’s like heaven. I will get to that later.

We decided to stay on the mainland in Nadi, which is Fiji’s the third biggest city and there is a lot of things to do. But for those who want white beaches with crystal clear water, just like the advertising pictures, Nadi isn’t for you.
Nadi is more of a small city were you can buy most of your souvenirs from, they have really great convenience stores where you can buy water and food.

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What doesn’t kill you…

Here in Australia live some of the most dangerous animals in the world. Basically every living thing here can kill you, from the small animals to the really big ones. This country has more deadly snakes than any other country in the world but apparently the bees here pose more of a threat! Yeah, you’re not safe anywhere.

When you are in the water you have to watch out for the southern blue-lined octopus that apparently has the most toxic venoms on the planet. The box jellyfish is another thing in the water that can kill you. Their tentacles can reach up to three metres in length. The three most dangerous sharks in the world are the bull shark, tiger shark and the great white and of course you can find all three of them here in Australia.

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When missing home

The Swedish way

Just the other day we went to IKEA and that was when I realized how much I missed home and Sweden. Walking around in IKEA was a little bit nostalgic because everything is the same! The layout of the store, the furniture’s and the food looks like home.

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My obsessions

There are always some things in other countries that your home country doesn’t have. It can be a special sort of food or a unique brand. You get a bit obsessed and wish that your country would import this thing. Obviously Australia has some things that Sweden doesn’t and vice versa. When I’m in a new country I like to try some local things, here is a list of things that I’m a little obsessed about and will probably miss when I get back home.

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Australia’s first special olympics

In 2013 Australia was hosting the first ever Special Olympics Asia-Pacific Games. At the end of November I talked to Chris Heverin, who was The Games’ Project Director.


A real Aussie now?


Here in Australia there is something called Vegemite. I’s a dark brown food paste made from leftover brewers yeast extract, it’s basically concentrated yeast extract (that’s what it says on the jar anyways). It’s a very Aussie thing and tastes like salty and bitter paste-thingy. You are supposed to have it on toast with butter. Continue reading

Christmas Down Under


Picture 1 of 14

It’s already December and this year is almost coming to an end but before that we have to celebrate that Jesus was born. This isn’t my first Christmas here but it still feels weird without the snow and the cold. I have to admit that a Christmas without the snow doesn’t feel like a “real” Christmas and to make up for the snow people here put on some extra Christmas light and decorations. Continue reading

Australia through my phone

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