Christmas Down Under

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It’s already December and this year is almost coming to an end but before that we have to celebrate that Jesus was born. This isn’t my first Christmas here but it still feels weird without the snow and the cold. I have to admit that a Christmas without the snow doesn’t feel like a “real” Christmas and to make up for the snow people here put on some extra Christmas light and decorations.

The key word is extra and when I say extra I really mean EXTRA. Some people here take their Christmas decoration seriously and so do the whole country. Every year they have Christmas decoration competition and it can get crazy, but I love it. We do have Christmas decorations in Sweden, my dad love to put up some lights but never like this.


While I was driving around here I notice a lot of different decorations so I decided to go on Christmas light tour. I found some amazing decorations and it wasn’t hard to find them either. And suddenly I don’t miss the snow anymore.