Djävulens tonsteg – Hans-Olov Öberg

Djävulens tonsteg - Hans-Olov Öberg

Original book title: Djävulens tonsteg
Author: Hans-olov Öberg
Publisher: Lind & Co
Year of publication: 2016
Format: Audiobook
Duration: 7 h 20 min
Language: Swedish

The fact that this book is set in my home state intrigued me. The plot and the storyline did not; I’m not so much into crime stories.

This is the story about a murder of a young boy and the mystery behind it. Storywise, I was not very impressed, however the characters were better. The police officer Benny Modigh was likable and smart. The other main character the young boy Elias Fagervik not as likable but interesting. The characters were odd in their own ways and that was refreshing.
The story was a bit predictable to me, but at the end it got really interesting. The writing was sometimes cliché and other times beautiful. Hans-Olov Öberg has a love for details that go annoying sometimes because it didn’t really bring the story forward.

This is the first book in a series. I don’t know if I will continue reading this series, but if you like crime stories you will definitely like this book!