First day at japanese school

Japanska läxor

My first lesson at APU was in Japanese language and it was tough.The first thing our sensei (teacher) brought up was the instructions for Japanese foundation course 1, which of course includes rules!In this class there were seven rules. Some of them were obvious and some weren’t.

The first rule
– You should submit homework by the deadlineIf you delay to submit it you will have a penaltyWe do not accept your homework later than one week. We have homework every day. 
Another rule that was interesting was rule number three
– If you are late for the class three times, it will be counted as one absence
. Ouch! This was a hard rule to follow.

Rule number five goes
– If your attendance is less than 2/3 without an official reason, you cannot pass this course.
Rule number six
– Cheating during a quiz or an examination will be punished in several ways, including the follow:
*Invalidation of all classes for the relevant semester (all subjects “F”), please note that your tuition per credit will not be refunded.
* Revoking of your right to receive scholarships
*Disciplinary measures such as suspension or expulsion
Sensei didn´t even read this to us, she simply said “cheating… just don´t do it!”
The Japanese language has three different writing systems, hiragana, katakana and kanji. Katakana is for foreign word like computer and tennis. Kanji is borrowed from the Chinese language. It is also the most complex writing system, in my opinion.
There are 50 different hiragana symbols and 50 different katakana symbols. And we had to learn all of them in two weeks. First week we had to memorize the first 50 hiragana symbols and then quiz. The second week of school we had three different quizzes for chapter one. The first quiz was on the symbols, then vocabulary and the last was on grammar. Then the same thing for the katakana symbols and chapter 2 and then it was time for Kanji.