G’day mate

Every country and every area in that country has their own slang and Sydney is no exception. After being here for four month now I think I’ve started to get some of the slang.

Wog – A person of Mediterranean origin (blatte in Swedish), kind of an insult.

Maccas – Mcdonald’s

Mate – Friend

Going off – used when for example a party is a lot of fun “the place was really going off” or “look at him going off to the music”

Bloke – Man, guy

Bored shitless – Very bored

G’day – Hello

Gronk – Usually a total moron/idiot

Heaps – a lot, “thanks heaps”

Lollies – candy, sweets

Copper – The police

No worries – No problem, forget about it, I can do it, Yes I’ll do it

Overseas – Other countries outside Australia “He/she is overseas”

Bludger – A lazy person

Rock up – To turn up, to arrive “she rocked up at the house around 6pm”

Sickie – Day off sick from work/school.

Chuck a sickie – Take the day off sock from work when you’re perfectly healthy.

Thongs – rubber backless sandals (flip-flops in Swedish)

Ute – A pickup truck

Dickhead/Whacker – Idiot, somebody with whom you have little patience