The Golden Compass – Philip Pullman

The Golden Compass - Philip PullmanOriginal book title: The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials series #1)
Author: Philip Pullman
Publisher: Rabén & Sjögren
Year of publication: 2007
Format: Audiobook
Duration: 15 h 59 min
Language: Swedish

This book is part of my 2016 reading challenge!

I was around 14 years old when I read this book for the first time and reading it now, over 15 years later I can’t help but love this book even more. It’s just as good as I remembered it.This is a fantasy story of an orphaned girl, Lyra Belacqua. She gets involved in a thrilling adventure with shady scientists who kidnap children, intelligent polar bears, horses fighting in the polar darkness, friendly witches and of course the golden compass, a magical truth machine.
This book is a true page-turner and full of adventure. I love Lyra. Her character is smart, brave and yet vulnerable at the same time. There are plenty of great characters in this book and Philip Pullman’s imagination is timeless and brilliant.

I love this book when I was a teen and I love it as an adult! This book is for everyone that loves to go on an adventure in a world that is much similar to ours yet much more magical.