Health examination in APU – Japan

APU campus

The key issue in this post is not the health examination itself, but it’s actually the process. Before school started all the new students at APU had to do a health checkup.
Before I tell you about the health examination you need to know something about the Japanese people. Everything has to come in the right order. And everything has to be right at the first time. Of course this is not all, the Japanese people and the Japanese culture are more than just doing everything in the right order.

During the health examination I felt like I was in a factory and I was a product being produced. They started with telling us what we were supposed to write in the form they gave us and where to go. I filled in my form and then I had to stand in line to hand the form over to the staff. They had, I think, five different stations where you could go to for submission and confirmation. And every station had a number! I don´t remember what exactly they did, but in one station they stamped the form, in another they gave us more paper and then they gave us a “cup” for the urine test.

So the first rotation began. After that we had to go to the third floor and sit and wait for the first doctor to look at our breathing and heartbeat. We all sat on the sofas and there were three doors leading to three doctors and when one person went into one of the doors we had to move one step on the sofa. And this continued until it was your turn. They had numbers on everything and as soon as you were done they told you where to go by telling you the number of the station. It was a pretty weird sight. When the whole thing was done, the bus waited for us to take us back to the university.