Kalla det vad fan du vill – Marjaneh Bakhtiari

Kalla det va fan du vill - Marjaneh Bakhtiari,

Original book title: Kalla det vad fan du vill
Author: Marjaneh Bakhtiari
Publisher: Ordfront Förlag, 298 pages
Year of publication: 2006
Format: Paperback
Language: Swedish

This book is funny, depressing and insightful all at the same time. In the center of this book is the family Irandoust. They have left Iran for Sweden and the meeting with the new country and its people is not always painless, but with persistence and a positive attitude they learn more about themselves and the new culture.

I read this book in two days! It is a well written, amusing and brilliant page turner. It’s an easy read and Marjaneh Bakhtiari juggles masterly with all the silly stereotypes and tells a story within a story. I don’t understand why I haven’t read this book earlier!

This book made me interested and curious about her other novels!


2 thoughts on “Kalla det vad fan du vill – Marjaneh Bakhtiari

  1. Hej! I read somewhere that this book has been translated to other languages as well. Do you have an idea, where to find the English version of this book? I am really interested in reading it. Thanks for replying.

    • Hello Jumblo!
      Sorry for the late reply! I´ve been looking all over the internet for the english version but I can’t find it! Sorry! Maybe you could send her, the writer, an email and ask? =)

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