The measure of a man – Sidney Poitier

The Measure of a man - Sidney Poitier

Original book title: The Measure of a man
Author: Sidney Poitier
Publisher: Harper Collins US
Year of publication: 2007
Format: Audiobook
Duration: 7 h 59 min
Language: English

This book is part of my 2016 reading challenge!

I decided to listen to the audiobook when I saw that Sidney Poitier himself was narrating it. I went into this book not knowing much about Poitier. I was curious about him and his life in Hollywood. Poitier talks about his childhood and his journey from the Bahamas to Miami and New York. It was fascinating to listen to him talking about his early years in the Bahamas. His way of describing his life there and his journey to “mainland” was the best part.

I wouldn’t have given the book four stars if it weren’t for the fact that Poitier himself was narrating the audiobook. He did an amazing job! It was really like having a conversation with him. You can sometimes hear some narrators reading from a script, but it really sounded like Poitier was talking from the heart and not from a script. During some funny parts Poitier starts laughing while he was telling his story, that was wonderful and lifted the book!

Although I didn’t agree with everything he was saying it was still a pleasant read or conversation!