My obsessions

There are always some things in other countries that your home country doesn’t have. It can be a special sort of food or a unique brand. You get a bit obsessed and wish that your country would import this thing. Obviously Australia has some things that Sweden doesn’t and vice versa. When I’m in a new country I like to try some local things, here is a list of things that I’m a little obsessed about and will probably miss when I get back home.


Sweden has the BEST black liquorice in the world, without competition. However, Australia has the best red liquorice. The one that won my heart is the raspberry flavour liquorice from the brand Darrell Lea. I’ve tried the other brands and other flavours but no one is as good as this one! Darrell Lea is a family owned company that has created the “finest chocolates, freshest liquorice and yummiest confectionery” since 1927. This family know their stuff!

Krispy Kreme

Ever since my first visit to Australia in December 2008 I’ve been obsessed about Krispy Kreme. They make the best doughnuts I’ve ever tasted; they have so many different flavours and variations. I can never really decide which one is my favourite; it varies from time to time, depending on my mood. But there is so much more. I was obsessed with their coffee frappes and my favourite flavour was the mocha frappe. It’s basically iced coffee with ice crunch. But my new obsession is their chai latte, vanilla flavour. I want and need Krispy Kreme in Sweden.

Lemon Juice

For those you know me, knows that I love salt and sour. Lemon with salt is one of the best things I know so when I found out that there is lemon juice substitute I couldn’t be happier. I obviously don’t drink it! We have it in salads and sometimes food. My auntie does an olive-salad-thing that is to die for. She mixes olives, lemon slices, some herbs and a lot of lemon juice substitute and voilà! It’s the best mix in the world, sour enough to make you cry, just the way I like it.