Ru – Kim Thúy

Ru - Kim Thúy

Original book title: Ru
Author: Kim Thúy
Publisher: Sekwa, 140 pages
Year of publication: 2011
Format: Paperback
Language: Swedish

This book is part of my 2016 reading challenge!

Ru by Kim Thúy is beautifully written, almost poetic. Reading this book is like taking a journey through somebody else’s painful and sometimes funny memories. You can sense deep wounds between the lines in this thin little book. There is so much pain hidden between the lines.The book is a collection of short stories, pieces and glimpse into a Vietnamese fugitive life. You follow the narrator’s thoughts and memories from a refugee camp in Malaysia to the life in Canada.

This is Thúy’s debut novel and it is a truly amazing lyrical journey she is presenting. Although this is supposed to be fiction, I still can hear Thúy’s own memories through the narrator. She is so expressive and personal!

The one thing I had a little problem with was the story jumped all over the place between her new current life in Canada and her old life. It made it hard to keep up sometimes.
Otherwise, this story was an easy read with its 140 pages and short chapters. It is worth reading!