Shark diving in Fiji

Bullshark in Fiji

Let me tell you about the main reason I went to Fiji, the shark dive experience. I know a lot of people go to Fiji for their honeymoon and to experience beautiful beaches with crystal clear water but all I wanted to do was to dive. As I said before we stayed in mainland, Nadi town, which was great. However, if you want to do the shark dive you need to be in Pacific Harbour, it’s approximately two hours from Nadi with bus. If you want to do any kind of diving you should stay in Pacific Harbour and the hotel we stayed at was Uprising Beach Resort. Now we are talking resort! This place was amazing and full of divers. I booked the dive through my hotel in Nadi and honestly.. it was bad. They didn’t give me any kind of information. Some part of it was my own fault for not researching enough but some other part was just bad customer service. The day before the dive I found out that the depth for the dive was 30 metres, which is a lot for just an open water diver like me. I only had six dives and other divers in the boat had over 300 dives, that means they are much more experienced than me. In 30 metres depth the air is much thicker and much harder to breath so the last thing you want is to panic. For an experienced diver it’s just matter of controlling your breath but for me, with only six dives, it was a matter of controlling my mind from not panicking and gasping for air. This made me more nervous about the dive itself than the fact that I was just about to dive into the water full of sharks without a cage.

Me diving with sharks

There are two companies in Fiji that dive with sharks and I’ve heard very good things about both of them. Beqa Adventure Divers and Aqua Trek. The company I dived with was very professional and the divers knew I wasn’t a very experienced diver so one of the dive masters was with me all the time, which made me feel safe. So my dive master and I jumped into the water and started to swim down, 30 metres, to where the bull sharks hang out. They have made a simple tiny wall where the divers sit and watch one of the dive masters feeding the sharks. When you are at that depth a lot of things change. I could feel the air in my tank getting thicker and harder to breath in and the blood appears green.

Sharks in Fiji

I sat down with the other divers and watch over ten bull sharks eat. It was amazing and beautiful. The feeling is truly indescribable and the view of the sharks eating right in front of you is breathtaking. The sharks are curious about you as well so they do come close and look you in the eye. After sitting on the ocean floor for about 20 minutes it’s time to get to 15 metres and watch other sharks like whitetip and blacktip reef sharks. After staying there for 15 minutes we went up for four metres and watch more reef sharks eat. This was actually the best part of the dive because the sharks came really close and there were over 20 of them right in front of me. They gathered in a flock in front of the diver that fed them. Honestly they were like puppies wanting food and attention, really cute.

Shark in Fiji

This is a dive I highly recommend for everybody who likes to dive and wants some adventure.