Sleepy people in Japan

There is something I noticed in Japan. Some classes at the university were really big and the professor had to speak into a microphone, which was not that weird actually. But during the lectures the students were sleeping. Yes. I am talking about put-your-head-on-the-table sleeping in front of the professor. And the professor didn´t mind, at least he didn’t react to it.

This was not just in the classrooms. Where ever I went there were people sleeping; in the bus, in classrooms and definitely in the library. It wasn’t just students or young people, everybody did. I noticed it on the bus a day, there was at least three out of seven people sleeping in the middle of the day. When I was going to the library I saw a lot of people sleeping in the study rooms and on the sofas. These people, it seems, could sleep everywhere and whenever. What were they doing during the night?