Student Exchange at Rutsumeikan Asia Pacific University-APU, Japan

APU in Japan
The campus I lived in was in a small town called Beppu which is located in Oita Prefecture, on the island of Kyushu in Japan. The population of Beppu is around 130 000. APU is an international university focuses on International Relations and Business. The university has over 5 000 students and approximately half of them are coming from outside Japan.
APU is lying on a hilltop and away from civilization. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Beppu, so we, the students, are kind of stuck there, but what a place to be stranded on!
Beautiful mountains are surrounding the university with a gorgeous view. The air is cold but the life here is amazing. As I mentioned before, as student you live in a student dormitory called AP House. There are two AP houses; AP house 1 and 2, easy. You can share a room with a Japanese student or live on your own, either way you are sharing shower and kitchen with the other students. If you live alone, like I did, you have your own bathroom. Both AP Houses are five-story buildings. Every floor has two so called Resident Assistants, my floor´s RAs were Manatsu, a nineteen year old guy from Japan and Yumi a twenty one year old girl from Taiwan.
The first AP House, which I was staying in, had a store there you could get breakfast and some food. At the campus you could find the famous store, or at least for students, Co op. Here you could get almost everything; food, clothes, books, bus tickets and cookware.
Let´s talk about the campus! There is a bridge to the campus from the AP Houses. From where I live it takes about ten minutes to the classrooms. Everything is connected. But there are rules, oh all these wonderful rules that you have to follow. But I will tell you about that later.