Athens in April

Acropolis    At Athens, wise men propose, and fools dispose.

– Alcuin

Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities with its recorded history spinning around 3,400 years. Back in the day Athens was a powerful city-state and a center for the arts, learning and philosophy, home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum. Athens is widely referred to as the cradle of Western civilisation and the birthplace of democracy. Now Athens seems more like a tired and decayed city.

The city core is relatively small and you need not spend too many days there in time to see everything that you should see.

It is easy to see that the star of Athens is the Acropolis. The whole city revolves around it and you can see the Acropolis wherever you are in the city! That makes it easy to navigate in the city core.

Things you need to see and do in the Ancient Athens

Even though Athens seems tired and decayed, it is still a very nice city to visit. The amount of historical artefacts you can find in this city is beyond impressive.

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