Japan – the land of rules

 The rules pt 1

Let´s talk about the rules. In Japan it’s all about the rules. Let me tell you about the first thirteen rules that applyed to the AP Houses.
1. Non-residents of AP House are not allowed to stay in AP House from 10 pm to 8 am.
2. It´s compulsory for all AP House residents to attend floor meeting every month. All AP House residents must perform their kitchen duty according to the floor schedules.
3. Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area located “courtyard”. Smoking in non-designated areas are strictly prohibited by Japanese law.
4. Do not do anything which causes disturbance to other residents.
5. Drinking is only allowed in personal rooms. In addition under-age drinking (under 20) is strictly prohibited by law.
6. To save electricity and to prevent robbery, please lock the door when you leave your room.

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