Shark diving in Fiji

Bullshark in Fiji

Let me tell you about the main reason I went to Fiji, the shark dive experience. I know a lot of people go to Fiji for their honeymoon and to experience beautiful beaches with crystal clear water but all I wanted to do was to dive. As I said before we stayed in mainland, Nadi town, which was great. However, if you want to do the shark dive you need to be in Pacific Harbour, it’s approximately two hours from Nadi with bus. If you want to do any kind of diving you should stay in Pacific Harbour and the hotel we stayed at was Uprising Beach Resort. Now we are talking resort! This place was amazing and full of divers. Continue reading

My meeting with the great white shark


Divers! Down. Left.

I took a deep breath and put my head straight down in the water and looked left. The visibility is poor in the murky, frigid waters of the Atlantic. The ocean floor is hundred of meters below me. I look around in the water in anticipation of “the great white”. And suddenly he appears in front of me, a three-meter long male and he’s hungry. The great white shark suddenly attack and tears apart the bait made ​​of fish heads while he strikes the cage with the tail so hard that makes the cage shake. The calm water turned into a storm. But as suddenly as the shark showed up, he disappears and the water gets calm again. Continue reading