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Just the other day we went to IKEA and that was when I realized how much I missed home and Sweden. Walking around in IKEA was a little bit nostalgic because everything is the same! The layout of the store, the furniture’s and the food looks like home.

Everything is also written in Swedish, for a second I actually forgot I was in Australia. Best part of the daytrip to “little Sweden” was the food section. They had Swedish candy! Not only that but also Swedish food like the meatballs and “flädersaft” (elderberry juice). Walking around there and seeing the furniture’s that I have back home made me a little bit homesick.

I have to say that I was impressed by how IKEA has marketed Sweden; even the books on the bookshelves were Swedish! A very cute detail that I, as a swede, appreciated.



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2 thoughts on “When missing home

  1. Dear Elza
    I liked what you wrote about homesickness . Gabriel defines home as the place where you have buried a beloved one in . Sartre says we easily adapt to the place where we live in . thats why a prisoner in jail feels more at home than the wardian. Sure enough when you go back home , you will have a similar feeling about Ausralia. But nostaligia is the worst kind of feeling you will ever have . when you feel bored like hell and you cant find the reason no matter how hard you strain and squeeze you brain , thats what I call nostaligia. It is something like missing nothingness
    Uncle Rawaz

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